BioViz Studios

Kevin M. Brennan is the head and founder of BioViz Studios. He has over seven years of experience working on award winning animations, illustrations, and interactive teaching applications. A near fanatical attention to detail, commitment to high quality work, and excellent communication skills ensure that even the most complex projects are both accurate and easily understood by the target audience.

Located in Chicago's Medical District, BioViz Studios draws on a team of medical animators with over a dozen years of experience in the field to produce high quality animation, illustration, and interactive work.

Kevin earned his B.A. in Biology from Illinois Wesleyan University where he did several research projects on invertebrate morphology and development. He obtained his M.S. in Biomedical Visualization at the University of Illinois at Chicago focusing on building 3D models for virtual reality from cross-sectional data.

Previously working at Argosy Publishing | Visible Body, Kevin served as a medical animator and the senior content developer. He has recently returned to UIC as a Clinical Assistant Professor.